About us

Manor Craft Dumbwaiter Doors are built upon manufacturing and design experience going all the way back to the early 1900's. And in those days, technology was in it's absolute infancy.  Everything was built by hand, not because it was the better option, but because it was the only option. Nowadays, more things are automated and computerized.  And while that certainly provides higher precision, "handcrafted" products still exude a measure of quality. And that's where we fit in.  Here at Manor Craft, we combine a mix of advanced manufacturing technology, along with skilled craftsman, to transform steel and wood into beautiful dumbwaiter doors.  All right here in the USA.

Manor Craft's comprehensive line of dumbwaiter doors includes three different door styles, along with many different door panel and handle options.  Our door panel designs even come in a variety of different wood species and grades.  So there are literally dozens of different combinations to chose from.  And every single door is custom-made from scratch, just for you.