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Contemporary Beauty Of Stainless Steel

Our Metal Trim Door collection combines the classic appearance and detailing of wood doors with the contemporary look of stainless steel trim. We combine our tried-and-true technical know-how with expert craftsmanship to create a dumbwaiter door that reflects handmade artistry, yet is built to stand the test of time.​

  • Custom Sizes: We handcraft every door to custom match each and every dumbwaiter.
  • 12 Door Panel Options: Each panel has it's own unique style, all coming with a variety of wood species to chose from.
  • 6 Door Handle Options: Compliment the door with a host of different handle style options.
  • Optional Frame Mounted Pushbuttons: Choose from a variety of different pushbutton and indicator light options.

Door Construction

Our doors feature an innovative construction design, engineered for both easy installation and timeless beauty. Not to mention completely elevator code compliant. Because your family's safety is our number one priority.

  • Door Panel: 12 custom designs, all mounted with concealed hinges for a complete and seamless look.
  • Door Frame: Crafted from commercial food-grade stainless steel, for easy clean-up and designed to stand the tests of time. We can even pre-mount an elevator lock that matches your dumbwaiter.

Wood Door Panel Styles

Check out our collection of door panels, all inspired from different architectural themes. And with 12 choices to pick from, the design options are virtually endless. Still can't find perfect for you? No problem! You can provide your own door panel to be used with our frame.

Pull and Knob Styles

Check out our collection of door pulls and knobs, all picked to compliment the stainless steel of our door frames. Still can't find the perfect pull or knob for you? No problem! You can provide your own pull or knob to be used with your door panel.

Technical Drawings

Below are links to drawings and other technical resources. Our FAQ page is another great resource for the inquiring mind. And always feel free to contact us if you ever have any questions.